Color Guide

Want to Build a Lasting impression? Let Kaycan help to build yours...

  • SIDING: Azure Blue KAY87

    TRIM: Linen KAY10

    ACCENT: Mist Blue KAY46

  • SIDING: White KAY01

    TRIM: Black KAY13

    ACCENT: Azure Blue KAY87

  • SIDING: Teal KAY30

    TRIM: Ivory KAY08

    ACCENT: Ivy Green KAY97

  • SIDING: Flagstone KAY48

    TRIM: White KAY01

    ACCENT: Mist Blue KAY46

  • SIDING: Slate Grey KAY33

    TRIM: White KAY01

    ACCENT: Black KAY13


Cool Comfort

Always fresh and yet, always inviting, your home is an oasis with cool, calming shades offset with crisp highlights.