Performance, Durability and Ease of Maintenance

Kaycan has always been extremely committed to research and development. Being a market leader means consistently searching for new ways to provide better value to our customers.

While the look and style of Kaycan products are inspired by timeless quality craftsmanship, it is modern engineering and technology that enhance overall performance, durability and ease of maintenance, no matter the weather.

Indulge Yourself in Dark Bold Vinyl Colors

Armor for your home

Intense heat from the sun’s rays can take a toll on the exterior of your home. Dark colored siding creates an even bigger challenge. HELIOS® Technology provides unique properties and heat resistance capabilities that are ideal for the new dark color trends for home exteriors.

Heat Distortion Performance Test

HELIOS® thermal diffusion agents protect vinyl siding against distortion caused by heat from the sun.

Heat gun pointed at Kaycan vinyl siding at a temperature of 176.5°F. No distortion from the intense heat.

The Industry’s Most Durable Vinyl Siding
with Duratron Technology

Kaycan’s Duratron vinyl formulation is the foundation of all Kaycan vinyl siding, soffit and accessories. This proprietary formulation is made with the finest ingredients and advanced manufacturing processes and is then tested continuously throughout the day, every day to ensure Kaycan provides the industry’s most durable siding on the market.

The recipe for enduring beauty and performance:

  • Virgin PVC Resin in the critical surface layer for superior weatherability.
  • Heat Distortion Agents help prevent distortion and “oil-canning” caused by the intense rays of the sun
  • Impact Modifiers provide superior durability to temperatures down to 25 degrees below zero
  • High Pigment Saturation for long-lasting, fade resistant colors
  • Stabilizers protect the PVC during the manufacturing process, preventing brittleness, oxidizing and fading

Vinyl Color Beyond the Ordinary
with Colorfast Technology

Partnering with a world leader in acrylic technology, Kaycan has developed a process to fuse a protective acrylic layer to a vinyl base, resisting the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays that cause fading and providing strength and durability for long-term performance.

Protection Against Fading

Kaycan’s exclusive Colorfast dark vinyl formula has set the new standard for color retention across the industry. It is designed to withstand the weathering effects of all exterior environments – from arctic to desert conditions, ensuring long lasting beauty.

Fade Resistant Aluminum Siding in All Weather
with Polycoat 9000 Topcoat Technology

Kaycan’s aluminum, vinyl siding, soffit, shutters and accessories are coated with a thermo-setting polyester Polycoat 9000 topcoat for a durable and fade resistant paint finish with the highest abrasion-resistant factor on the market. Unparalleled quality ensures superior performance in all types of environments…from 25 degrees below zero in Northern Canada and Siberia to over 110 degrees in Southern Texas, Florida and Australia.