Natural Oak, a natural, earthy shade goes with absolutely everything. A beautifully complex color composed of warm browns, smoky grays and comforting neutrals. Combining this unique shade with grays and blues will give it a more contemporary feel. If you are looking for a more traditional look, trim this color with darker earth tones. Natural Oak will grab attention either way.


Natural Oak – Siding
Manor – Trim
Khaki – Accent
Natural Oak – Siding
Castlemore – Trim
Mahogany – Accent
Natural Oak – Siding
Pecan – Trim
Cobalt – Accent
Kaycan Vinyl Siding Color Selector Kit

Kaycan’s Color Selector Kit

We know it’s tough to pick out the perfect vinyl siding color palette for your home.
That’s why we teamed up with the industry’s top designers to bring you our exclusive Kaycan Color Selector Kit!