If you wish to surround your home in shades of comfort—soft brown sugar, crisp autumn leaves, smooth maple syrup—these are the images that come to mind when describing Vermont Maple. This complex shade is a combination of tones: warm browns, muted reds and delicate earth tones. Surround your home in serene tranquility with this color.


Vermont Maple – Siding
Pecan – Trim
Mahogany – Accent
Vermont Maple – Siding
Cabot Brown – Trim
Spice – Accent
Vermont Maple – Siding
Khaki – Trim
Manor – Accent
Kaycan Vinyl Siding Color Selector Kit

Kaycan’s Color Selector Kit

We know it’s tough to pick out the perfect vinyl siding color palette for your home.
That’s why we teamed up with the industry’s top designers to bring you our exclusive Kaycan Color Selector Kit!