Your home is your castle, which means you need to treat it right. Using aluminum siding and accessories is a wise choice.

It helps the siding stand up strong against all types of weather, including harsh exposure to heat, cold, rain, and snow. Beautiful colours and a choice of smooth and textured finishes are certain to please homeowners for generations to come.


Choose Kaycan siding, soffits, trim, and accessories to build up your home’s curb appeal. Aluminum siding is engineered to shield your home from harsh outdoor elements and keeps it looking great for a long time. It comes in a vast array of colours from darker shades to lighter hues. And, all aluminum products can be colour coordinated for a more uniform and sophisticated look.

Elevate the look of your home with our Urbanix Aluminum Collection. This sleek style is perfectly suited for modern contemporary design.

Kaycan’s Aluminum Siding and Trims have long been the established standard within the industry, with a proven track record of over four decades.

Clean uninterrupted lines perfectly suited for modern contemporary designs as well as light commercial projects and store fronts.

Create a beautifully enduring finish no matter what your home style. Available in regular and heavy gauge for long-lasting performance.

Natural Aluminum, pre-painted Aluminum, and galvanized steel accessories are available in an array of shapes and sizes to cover …

Color matched to Kaycan’s Aluminum and Vinyl Siding and Soffit Aluminum Trim & Accessories are coated with the same thermo-setting …