Corporate, Vinyl & Aluminum Brochures

Brochures / Corporate Literature

Kaycan Corporate Brochure
Kaycan’s Color Selector Kit

Brochures / Vinyl Products

Vinyl Siding Pamphlet – East
Vinyl Siding Pamphlet – West
Trims and Applications Brochure
Vinyl Shutters Order Form

Brochures / Aluminum Products

Aluminum Siding, Soffits and Trims Brochure
Urbanix Aluminum Siding Collection

Brochures / Vinyl Siding

Helios Brochure
Perfection Shingles
Richmond Brochure
Richmond Ultra Brochure
Ocean Park XL Brochure
Ocean Park Ultra XL Brochure
DaVinci Brochure – East
DaVinci Brochure – West
Hardwood Valley II Brochure
Montebello Log Siding Brochure
Specialty Brochure
Timberlake East Brochure
Timberlake West Brochure
Prova Brochure
AgriTuff Brochure
I-Span Brochure
Verona Brochure

Rain Carrying System Brochures

Brochures / Rain Carrying Systems

Performance Aluminum Rainware Pamphlet (includes checklist and installation)
Aluminum Soffit, Fascia & Rainware Pamphlet
Plastmo K-Snap Vinyl Rainware Pamphlet
(includes checklist and installation)
Plastmo K-Snap Vinyl Rainware checklist
Plastmo U-Snap Vinyl Rainware Pamphlet
(includes checklist and installation)
Plastmo U-Snap Checklist
Plastmo Classic Vinyl Rainware Pamphlet
(includes checklist and installation)
Plastmo Classic Vinyl Rainware Checklist
ProGuard Flyer

Installation Guides

Vinyl Siding Estimating and Installation Guide
Board & Batten Installation Instructions
Perfection Shingles Installation Instructions
Vinyl Siding Planning Guide
Do it Yourself Vinyl Skirting Installation Guide
Soffit, Fascia and Rainware System
Urbanix Installation Guide
Horizontal Siding Installation - Quick Tips
I-Span Installation Guide

Vinyl Product Warranties and Green Certificates

Warranties / Vinyl Products

Vinyl Siding Warranty US
Richmond Ultra Warranty US
Perfection Shingles Warranty US

Green Certificates

R3V Green Initiative
BEES Product Comparisons 2019 Report