Insulation, Sealants and Fasteners

With insulation, sealants and nails available from the same supplier as your siding, rainware, trim and architectural accessories, Kaycan is a one-stop shop when it comes to finishing a house’s exterior.

Kaycan’s StyroFold 5 Plus and HouseWrap insulation products provide a sound nailing base for your siding and help straighten walls on renovation projects. They help prevent air infiltration, keep wall cavities dry and your home comfortable year round.

Product Item# Size
StyroFold 5 Plus - foil/white StyroFold 5 Plus – foil/white 064100
Kaycan HouseWrap Kaycan HouseWrap 065300 9’-6” X 100’/ROLL
108 Rolls/Skid
Tar Paper Tar Paper 0650 400 sq.ft./ROLL
108 rolls/SKID
Stainless Steel Trim Nails - 1lb/Box Stainless Steel Trim Nails – 1lb/Box 2010 1 ¼”
Aluminium Siding Nails - 1lb/Box Aluminium Siding Nails – 1lb/Box 2007
Electro Galvanized Nails - 50lb/Box Electro Galvanized Nails – 50lb/Box 202900
Sealant - Tremco 830 Sealant – Tremco 830 2071 20 tubes/BOX
Gutter Sealant - Tremco Gutter Sealant – Tremco 2058 30 tubes/BOX
Silicone Silicone – White – Clear 2059 12 tubes/BOX

Insulation Features

Prevents Air infiltration. Allows Walls to Breathe.

With StyroFold 5 Plus With StyroFold 5 Plus
insul_styro1 StyroFold 5 Plus helps keep wall cavities dry and your home comfortable year round. With 33% fewer seams than competing sheet insulation, StyroFold 5 Plus reduces energy loss through air infiltrationut. insul_styro2

Many insulation boards can trap harmful moisture inside the wall, which may lead to dry rot and the growth of dangerous molds and mildew.


Provides Superior Thermal Protection:
EPS Foam insulation offers the best long-term R-value of all traditional insulation products. Protects even in the harshest climates.

Saves Energy:
StyroFold’s 4′ x 24′ construction provides a continuous layer of protection with fewer seams than competing insulation boards. By covering cracks in the old siding and around windows and doors, StyroFold helps eliminate drafts and energy-robbing air infiltration.

Breathes Moisture Vapor:
Trapped vapor aids the growth of allergycausing molds and spores, which can contribute to respiratory problems. StyroFold 5 Plus allows harmful moisture to escape.

Helps Prevent Mildew and Dry Rot:
Levels wall so new siding installs flat and straight.
Reduces Street Noise.

Helps Keep Out Dust and Pollen.

We never know what severe weather Mother Nature will throw at us. That’s why we have HouseWrap, an engineered, woven polyolefin material designed for use as a resistive barrier against the elements. Its strong woven fabric remains durable in the harshest of conditions and its micro-perforations protect against moisture while allowing vapor to escape.

Protecting both Residential and Commercial buildings, HouseWrap protects in 4 essential areas:
Air Resistance – Protects the wall assembly from air infiltration to increase the comfort of the building by reducing drafts and increasing energy efficiency.
Water Resistance – Protects the wall assembly against water intrusion that gets behind the exterior cladding.
Moisture Vapor Permeability – Preserves the integrity of the wall assembly by allowing the moisture as vapor to escape to the outside.
Durability – Has the ability to withstand the elements of the weather and tough jobsite conditions.

Test Method Units Kaycan HouseWrap Minimum Requirment
Tensile Strength
Machine Direction
Cross Direction
ASTM D 882
ASTM D 882
54 lbs.
36 lbs.
20 lbs.
20 lbs.
Water Resistance ASTM D 779 Minutes 60 minutes 10 minutes
Water-vapor Transmission ASTM E 96 Perms 15 perms 5 perms
Low Temperature Bend AC38 Section 3.3.4 N/A Pass Pass
UV Exposure AC38 Section 4.1.2 N/A 6 months 120 days

Tools of The Trade
Kaycan offers a full line of specialty hand tools, benders and gutter machines to ease any installation.

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