From the fashion industry to the construction sector, everyone is releasing their color predictions for 2018. One of the most anticipated releases was from Pantone, their color of the year : Ultra Violet, an intense shade, perhaps this was chosen to mimic our intense lifestyles.

Although we are not quite as intense, our colors will surely inspire the artist in you.Take a look at our 2018 color trends :

Spice & Autumn Harvest

Vinyl Siding

Orange hues are set to be one of 2018’s showstoppers. From vivid shades paired with gray tones to deeper, warmer tones combined with profound browns, oranges will be all the rage.

Our Spice color is bold enough to stand up against other shades and yet warm enough not to overwhelm your color scheme. Looking for a splash of vibrancy? Our Autumn Harvest color does just that. This beautiful bright shade will definitely get you noticed…for the right reason!

Whether you choose these colors as an accent or as your main color, you will not be disappointed.

Golden Honey

Vinyl Siding

Yellows are also popping up as one of 2018’s “it” colors. Upbeat shades as well as warmer mustard hues add a wonderful splash of color. Our Golden Honey color is a lovely sunny shade, choosing it as your main color will instantly enliven your home. This color can also be paired with a variety of shades, combining it with grays creates a modern, sophisticated look. Adding darker trims and accessories will accentuate its vivacity and capture the eye.

Urban Blue

Vinyl Siding

Blues have long been a favorite color for home exteriors but the 2018 shades are bolder, brimming with complexity. Our Urban Blue color has a luminous quality that can be further highlighted by pairing it with light trims and accessories. This mid-tone blue seems to shine from within , making it a lot less intimidating than its navy counterparts. Whether your style is coastal ease or modern chic, this shade will suit all styles.


Manor Vinyl Siding

Intensity will be on tap for 2018, although black is always a standard in design, this year’s shade is more dimensional. Our Manor color combines the deepest of grays with wisps of black creating a unique shade. A cool, dark tone that evokes contemporary sophistication this is not for the faint at heart. This decisive color will command attention, play up this darkest gray by selecting trims and accessories in light white-gray tones and add a splash of color for good measure. A red front door, an orange bench, be creative.

Java Brown

Vinyl Siding

Browns have been a standard in exterior homes but what makes 2018’s color special, you guessed it:  intensity. This deep shade, marries dark brown with warm red undertones adding depth and dimension to this color. We have seen this shade being paired with a variety of trendy colors such as orange as well as steel blue. Don’t be intimidated by this shade, its natural warmth will come through and will envelop your home in a welcoming embrace.


Vinyl Siding

Although this shade is not as intense as some of the others on our list, it is set to be one of our most popular. Tundra is a mix of green and khaki with yellow undertones, this complexity of shades is precisely why we believe people will be drawn to it. Pairing it with lighter earth tones will bring out the neutral aspect of this color. If you are looking for a striking combination, trim this shade with a deep, dark color and add a pop of color with accessories. Its versatility will surprise you.

Although 2018 is poised to be a year full of bold intense colors, Neutrals will continue to play an important role in exterior color selections. We are seeing is that Gray shades have become the newest additions to the neutral family. No longer reserved for earth tones, the various shades of gray are now THE neutral colors. Stay tuned for our next blog which will be dedicated to this color palette.