Whether it’s a renovation or a new construction, cedar siding is a great choice, but the periodic maintenance can be a turn-off for many.

Our vinyl and polymer shingles perfectly imitate the natural textures and patterns of cedar shingles. Our Cedar Impression collection imitates the textures and patterns of a saw cut effect. Our Perfection line, with its clean edges and soft lines, is reminiscent of natural wood textures. Northwood with its random pattern and TrueTexture finish offers deep gaps between shingles to achieve a distinctive look.

With our polymer cedar shingles, you get the beauty of cedar, without the maintenance, a superior Class A fire resistance and a guarantee that the appearance of your shingles will last.

Kaycan Vinyl Shingles Siding


Siding your entire home with Perfection Shingles will produce enduring warmth. We picture earth tones, fir trees and large windows.

Cedar Impressions
Individual 5” Shingles

Cedar Impressions® Individual 5” Shingles are the industry’s first polymer shingles that feature an innovative blended colour throughout.

Cedar Impressions
S7 Straight Edge
Perfection Ageless Cedar Colour Blends

Cedar Impressions Single 7″ Straight Edge Perfection Shingles are the industry’s first polymer shingles that feature an innovative, blended colour throughout.

S7 Straight Edge Perfection
PVC Shingles

The Northwoods S7 Perfection has clean edges and smooth lines to complement the quiet beauty of natural wood textures. In a straight edge design.