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Our latest tools and resources to help you decide on the new look for your new construction projects

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You’re doing a new build or exterior home makeover for a client, and your client has wisely chosen vinyl siding as their exterior finish of choice — now it’s time to choose the vinyl siding colors.

Trending Colors Catalog for 2022

This upcoming year, siding color trends reflect the rich palette of blues, greys and a hint of green. 2022’s shades have a cooler undertone, pulling away from earthy tones.

vinyl siding estimator

Vinyl Siding Estimator

Click here to have access to our Vinyl Siding Estimator.
Find out your siding requirements in 3 easy steps.

Color selector kit

Kaycan’s Color Selector Kit

We know it’s tough to pick out the perfect color palette for your home. That’s why we teamed up with the industry’s top designers to bring you our exclusive Kaycan’s Color Selector Kit!

Color Image Gallery

A New Way to Design Your Home.

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