Corporate, Vinyl & Aluminum Brochures

Brochures / Corporate Literature

Kaycan Corporate Brochure
Kaycan’s Color Selector Kit

Brochures / Vinyl Products

Vinyl Siding Pamphlet – East
Vinyl Siding Pamphlet – West
Trims and Applications Brochure
Vinyl Shutters Order Form

Brochures / Aluminum Products

Aluminum Siding, Soffits and Trims Brochure
Urbanix Aluminum Siding Collection

Brochures / Vinyl Siding

Helios Brochure
Perfection Shingles
Richmond Brochure
DaVinci Brochure – East
DaVinci Brochure – West
Hardwood Valley II Brochure
Montebello Log Siding Brochure
Specialty Brochure
Timberlake East Brochure
Timberlake West Brochure
Prova Brochure
AgriTuff Brochure
I-Span Brochure
Verona Brochure

Rain Carrying System Brochures

Brochures / Rain Carrying Systems

Performance Aluminum Rainware Pamphlet (includes checklist and installation)
Aluminum Soffit, Fascia & Rainware Pamphlet
Plastmo K-Snap Vinyl Rainware Pamphlet
(includes checklist and installation)
Plastmo K-Snap Vinyl Rainware checklist
Plastmo U-Snap Vinyl Rainware Pamphlet
(includes checklist and installation)
Plastmo U-Snap Checklist
Plastmo Classic Vinyl Rainware Pamphlet
(includes checklist and installation)
Plastmo Classic Vinyl Rainware Checklist
ProGuard Flyer

Installation Guides

Vinyl Siding Estimating and Installation Guide
Board & Batten Installation Instructions
Perfection Shingles Installation Instructions
Vinyl Siding Planning Guide
Do it Yourself Vinyl Skirting Installation Guide
Soffit, Fascia and Rainware System
Urbanix Installation Guide
Horizontal Siding Installation - Quick Tips
I-Span Installation Guide

Vinyl Product Warranties and Green Certificates

Warranties / Vinyl Products

Kaycan Vinyl Siding Warranty - Canada
Kaycan Vinyl Siding Warranty - US
Kaycan Richmond Warranty
Perfection Shingles Warranty

Green Certificates

R3V Green Initiative
BEES Product Comparisons 2019 Report

Product Specifications

Board and Batten Specifications

DaVinci Vinyl Siding Specifications
Hardwood Valley II Vinyl Siding Specifications
Newport Beaded Vinyl Siding Specifications
Platinum Vinyl Siding Specifications
Verona Vinyl Siding
Urbanix Specifications
Montebello Specifications
Perfection Single 7” Shingle Specifications
Perfection Double 7” Shingle Specifications
Prova Vinyl Siding Specifications
Richmond Vinyl Siding Specifications
Vinyl Soffit Specifications
Timberlake (CA) Vinyl Siding Specifications
Timberlake (US) Vinyl Siding Specifications
Kaycan Skirting Specifications
Kaycan Agrituff Specifications
Kaycan I-Span Specifications
Kaycan Vinyl Trims