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Introducing the enhanced Home Designer 2.0, now more user-friendly than ever with cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive Professional Services Section. This updated version includes precise estimates, detailed measurements, and advanced 3D modeling for your next project. Key features now include AI-powered detection for automatic masking and tracing of surfaces, a Pro Service Section that provides 3D rendering and more, and the ability to apply palettes, products, and colors to showcase to your customers.

Best of all, it’s incredibly convenient—simply use an address to get started, with no apps required for download!

Select one of our featured sample homes and swiftly create the ideal renovation using our range of products.

Our simple tools empower you to prepare your project effectively, enabling you to fashion a modern new look for your home.

Our AI Software will automatically prepare the image of your home for you so you can start designing a new look right away.

Allow our experts to customize your image for an exceptionally realistic visualization experience, including tailored visualizations, 3D models, and precise measurements.

The Ultimate Guide to Soffit

Building or renovating a house is a major project involving making many important decisions, including choosing soffits. This article explores various options available to you regarding vinyl soffits and aluminum soffits. We will guide you in determining the best solution for your project while highlighting the importance of vented soffit [...]

Helios Technology

Exclusive Helios® Technology protects dark colour siding against distortion.

Duratron Technology

Duratron™ Vinyl Technology ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

Kaycan’s Warranty

25-year fade resistance warranty. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Kaycan will reclaim, regrind and repurpose used vinyl siding and accessories.