TimberlakeTM – Inspired by Design

With its broad color options and many profiles, our Timberlake collection offers countless options to fit any design. From muted neutrals to cool grays, this collection will showcase any style home.

The traditional homes are often sided in light, subdued shades paired against darker shutters and trims to draw out your home’s architectural details. Modern, contemporary homes demand contrasting shades, the cool tone grays marry well with stone, steel and dark trims. The Timberlake collection offers a multitude of options to help you design the house of your dreams.

TimberlakeTM Collection


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Color Options

Every effort has been made to make the colors in this application as accurate as possible. However, as colors shown are digitally reproduced, and are viewed differently depending on the electronic device used, we recommend you make final color decisions using actual product samples. Colors are subject to change without notice.
Not all colors are available in all profiles.
 Clay color: West Only
* = Premium Color

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Timberlake™ Collection
  • Premium gauge thickness for added strength and rigidity
  • Deep shadow lines and a low gloss finish for an authentic appearance
  • DuratronTM Vinyl Technology ensures durability and long lasting performance.
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Description Item# Length Area Panels/Ctn
T3 Woodgrain T3 Woodgrain 0048 12′ 198 sq ft 22
T3D Classic Dutchlap T3D Classic Dutchlap 0064 12′ 198 sq ft 22
D4 Marquis D4 Marquis 0052 12′ – 6″ 200 sq ft 24
D4D Avanti Dutchlap D4D Avanti Dutchlap 0063 12′ – 6″ 200 sq ft 24
D4.5 Lewiston D4.5 Lewiston
*Available in the West.
0053 12′ 198 sq ft 22
D4.5D Sierra Dutchlap D4.5D Sierra Dutchlap
*Available in the West.
0012 12′ 198 sq ft 22
D5 Contessa D5 Contessa

0049 12′ 200 sq ft 20
D5D Elegance Dutchlap D5D Elegance Dutchlap 0015 12′ 200 sq ft 20
Description Item# Length Pieces/Ctn
5/8" J-Trim 5/8″ J-Trim 1035 12′ 40
H Trim H Trim 1179 12′ 12
Undersill Trim Undersill Trim 1066 12′ 24
Kaylock Steel Starter Trim Kaylock Steel Starter Trim 1083 10′ 30
Vinyl Starter Trim Vinyl Starter Trim 1085 12′ 24
Drip Cap Drip Cap 1185 12′ 24
Inside Corner Inside Corner 1115 10′ 24
3″ Outside Corner 3″ Outside Corner 1105 10′ 10
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