Vinyl Soffit – Aesthetically Inspired

Vinyl soffit completes as well as compliments the look of your home. Available in a variety of textures and colors which will add the perfect touch to any project.

Choosing a contrasting color to your homes siding color will create an element of interest. Matching the soffit to the trim color will create a sense of balance. Selecting the same shade throughout your homes color scheme will allow for a soothing affect.

Designed with purpose, soffit is virtually maintenance free and permits air circulation where necessary. The added touch that will tie it all together.

Vinyl Soffit colors and styles


Color Options

Every effort has been made to make the colors in this application as accurate as possible. However, as colors shown are digitally reproduced, and are viewed differently depending on the electronic device used, we recommend you make final color decisions using actual product samples. Colors are subject to change without notice.
Not all colors and profiles are available in every region. Please contact your local Kaycan office for a detailed offering. 

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Vinyl Soffit
  • Wide range of products to cover all possible applications from Solid and Vented to Center Vented panels
  • The beauty of painted wood in a smooth or woodgrain low-gloss finish
  • Low maintenance, will never need painting
  • DuratronTM Vinyl Formula for outstanding resistance to the elements
  • Completely color-coordinated with Kaycan products
  • High Performance – will not rot, peel, chip, flake or blister
  • DuratronTM Vinyl Technology ensures durability and long lasting performance.
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty
Description Item# Length Area Panels/Ctn
Vented Double 5 Soffit Vented Double 5 Soffit 0615 12′ 200 sq ft 20
Solid Double 5 Soffit Solid Double 5 Soffit 0616 12′ 200 sq ft 20
Solid Triple 3 Solid Triple 3 0623 12′ 192 sq ft 16
Triple 3 Full-O-Vent Triple 3 Full-O-Vent 0622 12′ 192 sq ft 16
8” Vented 2-panel Soffit 8” Vented 2-panel Soffit 0619 12′ 192 sq ft 24
8” Solid 2-panel Soffit 8” Solid 2-panel Soffit 0621 12′ 192 sq ft 24
16” O-vent 4-panel Soffit 16” O-vent 4-panel Soffit 061725 12′ 192 sq ft 12
16” Vented 4-panel Soffit 16” Vented 4-panel Soffit 0617 12′ 192 sq ft 12
16” Solid 4-panel Soffit 16” Solid 4-panel Soffit 0618 12′ 192 sq ft 12
Solid Beaded Soffit Solid Beaded Soffit 0634 12′ 6″ 100 sq ft 12
Solid Beaded Soffit Vented Beaded Soffit 0635 12′ 6″ 100 sq ft 12
12" Vinyl Soffit Centre Vent 12” Vinyl Soffit Centre Vent
Only available in white.
0628 12′ 192 sq ft 16
Description & Installation Tips Item# Length Panels/Ctn
F Trim F Trim
Trims with a ⅝” wide channel,
used at the top of the wall and on
the bottom of the fascia board to
insert soffit.
1178 12′ 28
H Trim H Trim
Used to add a break in a wall or
ceiling of vertical siding and soffit.
1179 12′ 12
8″ Vinyl Fascia 8″ Vinyl Fascia
8” vinyl fascia used to finish the
exterior of the structure with
integrated ⅝” wide channel for
soffit. The fascia can be cut down
to fit various structure heights.
9′ – 10″ 16
svtfbr Frieze Trim
Can be used in combination with
the Large Crown Mold. The top
channel of the frieze is designed
to accommodate the soffit, while
the Large Crown Mold snaps into
the bottom channel and covers
the top of the siding wall and
undersill trim.
VTFBR 12′ 48
Large Crown Mold Large Crown Mold
Used in combination with the
Frieze Trim, it snaps into the
bottom of the Frieze Trim and
covers the top of the siding wall
and undersill trim.
VTCMD 12′ 48
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