Aluminum Siding – Enduring Performance

Kaycan’s Aluminum Siding is available with both a textured or smooth finish. A complete range of color-coordinated trims and accessories are available to give your home the curb appeal it deserves.

In addition, Kaycan offers the widest range of Trim Coils manufactured with the same proprietary technology for the best quality and selection.

Aluminum Siding


Color Options

Every effort has been made to make the colors in this application as accurate as possible. However, as colors shown are digitally reproduced, and are viewed differently depending on the electronic device used, we recommend you make final color decisions using actual product samples. Colors are subject to change without notice.
Not all colors are available in all profiles.

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Kaycan’s Aluminum Siding and Trims have long been the established standard within the industry, with a proven track record of over four decades for sturdiness, performance and beauty. All of Kaycan’s aluminum products are coated using a proprietary two-coat system and an advanced Polycoat 9000 topcoat, followed by a baked-on processing for an extremely durable and fade-resistant paint finish. Kaycan’s coating has the lowest abrasive characteristic in the industry.


Kaycan has taken full environmental responsibility far in advance of the industry with chrome-free processes, water-conservation practices and waste minimization through recycle and re-use programs.

Horizontal 8" SmoothHorizontal 8″ Smooth001012′-1″194 sq ft24
Horizontal 8" DriftwoodHorizontal 8″ Driftwood002212′-1″194 sq ft24
Horizontal D4.75 SmoothHorizontal D4.75 Smooth004112′-6″187 sq ft24
Horizontal D4.75 DriftwoodHorizontal D4.75 Driftwood004312′-6″187 sq ft24
D4.75D FuturaD4.75D Futura003212′-6″203 sq ft26
0200Vertical 8″ Smooth02009′-8″97 sq ft15
Vertical 8" DriftwoodVertical 8″ Driftwood02119′-8″97 sq ft15
Vertical 7.5" V-Groove SmoothVertical 7.5″ V-Groove Smooth022212′97 sq ft13
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