Add curb appeal in an instant with shutters that echo the warmth of wood and are extremely durable and maintenance-free.

Made-to-measure and available in vinyl or aluminum, shutters provide the perfect finishing touch and an architectural accent that adds value to any home.

Available in custom styles and sizes to suit any home style.

Kaycan aluminum shutters, the reasonably priced alternative to wood shutters, are sturdy, durable and low-maintenance.

They are coated with the same thermos-setting polyester Polycoat 9000TM topcoat used on Kaycan aluminum siding for a durable and fade resistant paint finish with the highest abrasion-resistant factor on the market.

Aluminum shutters are certain to lend an attractive finish to any home.

Kaycan custom vinyl shutters echo the warmth of wood in a lightweight material that retains its beauty over a span of generations.

Kaycan, the world’s largest manufacturer of decorative exterior shutters, offers the most comprehensive program in the industry to add curb appeal to virtually any home.