Lap siding is easily recognized by its long, overlapping panels, which allow water to run off easily and protect the sub-walls. And in keeping with our corporate values, our lap siding can be recycled through our R3V program.

Our lap siding comes in a wide range of colours (Cool, warm, neutral) and styles, so you can transform dramatically and cost-effectively transform the home exterior. Kaycan’s high-performance vinyl siding products are superbly crafted with unsurpassed strength and durability.

Kaycan Lap Siding
Kaycan Verona Vinyl Siding

Featuring our Helios Technology, combines the perfect choice of bright, vivid colours and a unique wood grain, creating a breathtaking effect.

Kaycan DaVinci Vinyl Siding

The DaVinci siding collection delivers a timeless, elegant style with deep, bold, long-lasting colors; beautifully understated and stoic.

Kaycan Timberlake Vinyl Siding

With its broad colour options and many profiles, our Timberlake siding collection offers countless options to fit any design.

Kaycan Richmond Vinyl Siding

Rooted in style, Richmond™ siding always makes a bold statement with its rich palette of distinctive, heritage colours and perfectly matched trims.

Kaycan Harwood Valley Vinyl Siding

The natural beauty of wood is captured by our Hardwood Valley™ siding line.  Your home will have the authentic charm of wood siding.

Kaycan Prova Vinyl Siding

Prova vinyl siding offers unparalleled beauty and distinctive style for your home with its Double 4.5” Dutchlap profile.

Helios Technology

Exclusive Helios® Technology protects dark colour siding against distortion.

Duratron Technology

Duratron™ Vinyl Technology ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

Kaycan’s Warranty

25-year fade resistance warranty. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Kaycan will reclaim, regrind and repurpose used vinyl siding and accessories.