Kaycan Pro Center

At Kaycan, our primary goal is to ensure that you achieve success in all your home improvement and construction endeavors. Regardless of whether you are an experienced professional in the industry or simply a homeowner looking to enhance your living space, we provide an extensive range of tools and resources to help you accomplish your goals effectively and efficiently.

Give your customers the colors they want with these featured products


DaVinci siding delivers a timeless, elegant style with deep, bold, long-lasting colors; beautifully understated and stoic. On-trend and calming, all at once.


The genuine beauty of our Perfection Shingles brings forth your home’s timeless charm. Reminiscent of the natural look of cedar with none of its maintenance.


The sleek look is perfectly suited for modern contemporary designs. Urbanix’ clean lines will push style to the edge. Incorporate it with other materials …


The Verona Collection, featuring our Helios Technology, combines the perfect choice of bright, vivid colors and a unique woodgrain …